About Us

Decolors Contractors, Inc. is a national renovation contractor known for quality workmanship and consistent, on-time project completion. Decolors services both the private and public sectors and specializes in multi-family residential, commercial / industrial painting and renovation, as well as single family residential applications. At Decolors, we understand the value and relationship between the owner or manager and their contractor. After a decade of steady growth, Decolors has focused its business model on building customer loyalty and trust to enhance their ongoing relationships with thousands of customers.

Decolors understands that business is derived from relationships and recommendations.

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Client Says

“ The professionalism and quality work of Decolors have been outstanding. They were always on time and completed their work within the time frame promised as well as stayed within the budget that was agreed upon, which is very important in today's construction industry. I would highly recommend them for any project."

- J. McMillian

"We had a medium size project that required deck work and home painting. Decolor Painting actually came in very competitively priced as compared to the others. All said and done, I am extremely happy with the final results"

- S. Fernandez

Client Says

"The owner of the company is very knowledgeable when it comes to a variety of commercial projects. Every project was planned accordingly and performed to perfection! I would be happy to recommend Decolors for any commercial project."

- T. Robertson

"We had a carpentry and siding project for our condo unit and Decolors Painting did a superb job. From start to finish, every phase of the project was done professionally, and best of all, the job was completed before the scheduled date. Will be doing many more projects with Decolors in the future."

- J. Vaughn